International Isotopes Employment and Contracting Opportunities

Marketing Specialist

We are looking for creative individuals to support and direct our Marketing efforts for domestic and international sales of our products.  International Isotopes Inc., and our wholly owned subsidiary RadQual, manufacture products used in nuclear pharmacy and in nuclear imaging SPECT and PET cameras.

Applicants should have a familiarity with the medical industry and demonstrated successful marketing experience using a range of marketing methods and materials to support increasing sales (i.e. marketing plans, website development, social media, trade shows, and print advertising etc.).

In addition to previous marketing experience we are seeking individuals who have a strong work ethic, are highly motivated, have a flair for design, and enjoy being part of a team.

Our company offers a full range of benefits including paid vacation, medical insurance and matching 401K.  Salary is expected to be in the range of $60,000 to $100,000 per year based upon past experience and education.

Resumes should include information and examples of past successful marketing performance.

Please send resumes to admin@intisoid.com